Do you want to have instant access to your earnings at the moment the employer pays you your salary? Do you like to avoid lines when you wait for it at your job? Money transfer service can care about you and you will forget about all these problems. This is possible to do with Paycheck Plus debit card, which lets you take advantage of all these benefits. Do not worry about expensive fees too. You will not face them here. Once you get this card you will have to go to the nearest ATM or the terminal where you can withdraw your salary or the part of it and make the purchases you need. This means will let you send money to your relatives via second card which is issued for you. This is not only user-friendly method. It helps you to save up to 70% that you would pay if you send money in some other way. Money transfer fees are minimal and not noticeable.

What benefits can you get as you receive Paycheck Plus debit card?

If the employer cared about the signature based payroll debit card, there are a number of benefits available for you:

  • Security of Federal Deposits Insurance Corporation is guaranteed for you
  • Availability of your funds thanks to over a million of ATMs all over the country and point-of-sale terminals.
  • Round-the-clock customer service

As you use PIN-based debit card

  • Your funds are protected with PIN and passcode (to enter your account)
  • Additional cards for member of your family
  • Responsive 24-hour service with IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Quick and easy replacement of stolen or damaged cards
  • Ease of getting info on real-time balance via text massages

Payroll card programs proved to be convenient for both sides: employers and employees. They enable enterprises to pay their worker regularly via bankcards. This scheme saves time, money and is rather efficient. Steady growth of participants who want to enter such programs shows their popularity and success.  The number of such programs quickly increases and multiple specialists in various financial institutions work over their enhancement to answer the clientele demands and comply with the latest trends on the financial market.

The business owners who haven’t entered the program yet, should regard this alternative as this is a good way to retain people working for you. The employees like to get paid fast without delay, while businessmen can economize on the salary to cashiers and expenditures connected with risks of cash storage.