At present challenging environment, the ineffectiveness of paper-based payment systems become a considerable burden on the resources of any organization. The expenses are bigger when the company does not follow the new course not accepting the changes. Discover a great way to reduce expenses on operations making electronic payments. This comfortable solution is accepted by all even by the programs of benefits which were launched by the government to protect certain categories of population. Let us look at the unemployment benefits provided by the state to the people who don’t have work. They need to get the payment somehow. For this reason the program came up with the initiative to do it via debit card.

The unemployment program in the state of Maryland is realized via Mduibenefits debit card. This is a prepaid Visa debit card that is issued by the Citibank. In case you are eligible for it in the state of Maryland, the state should provide you with Unemployment Insurance Benefits. Visit their website ( and register there to get your prepaid debit cards for further operations. Receive your UI debit card to take advantage of the state benefits. People living in Maryland can obtain Mduibenefits debit card and be served by the system around the clock. You can enter your account at any time and make necessary changes in it. You can keep track of your balance as well and this feature is available for you 27/7.

As you enter the website you should log in there first and only then you will be able to complete the registration. It is possible to do if you provide information of your security code and card number.

Citibank managed to revolutionize the delivery of payments in the public sector and many paper depending projects acquired their success because they were transferred to electronic sphere.  Prepaid debit card turned into an excellent financial tool for such a comprehensive program as Unemployment benefits. But this is not the only program that involves card issuing. More than 1,200 enterprises found this assistance useful and applied to Citigroup for service. There are a lot of state organizations among them, some government agencies and etc. Organizations of any level find it important to have such a reliable partner as Citigroup. Electronic solutions can help them save much money and automate many payments that do not take much time any longer.