The Citibank reloadable debit card is a perfect alternative for those who are in pursue of a flexible system that can be employed for spending of your funds. Similar to other debit cards of this type, the Citibank card lets persons to deposit money to the debit card. You can spend your funds using it in any place where MasterCard and Visa is accepted. Why these cards are so useful?

The advantages of Citibank Reloadable Debit Card are the following:

Cost efficiency is among the basic advantages of a reloadable debit card. It is not so pricy to use it in comparison with other financial products. A lot of USA citizens have no savings accounts and have available money on reloadable cards. This way they have money in credit card format but the bank account is not employed at the same time. Some people may find reloadable debit cards beneficial because they usually cash their paychecks and they have pay fee for the procedure. Reloadable debit cards assist them to avoid these fees.

How does reloadable debit card works?

Citibank reloadable debit card allows the person to deposit money to the card in various ways. The source of money can be some other bank account from cash, money transfer performed by employer or from cash and etc. The fee is not substantial for it.

After you deposit the funds they are at your disposal at any time. You can use them the way you wish. If you have the debit card that features Mastercard logo then you can spend money at all places that accept Mastercard.

The easiness of use is one more advantage of reloadable debit cards. Effortless loading, ease of use, low cost of service make people apply for them.

But fees are unavoidable and you should decide if this is what you need before you make a decision. When you open the card you pay the initial payment once. It is less $10. Loading does not cost anything, but when you load funds using retailer then you will have to pay no more than $7 for loading.

The use of debit cards brings many benefits. It is easy to use them, attractive terms when you cash a check and load money to the card. But all should be aware of potential fees:

Fee for ATM withdrawal is $2.50 (this is the charge of Citibank) is added to the charge of ATM fee.

When you exceed the limit on the debit card, you will have to pay overdraft fee later that can reach $30.

When you have to replace the card after your debit card is stolen or lost you will have to pay 10 dollars for it.

There can be other charges as well. You can find out about them in terms of use.